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Computer Software Consultancy was founded in 1987 to help organisations understand changes to the IT landscape and to build innovative applications and web solutions for their business needs. Throughout that time we have worked with many companies across banking, telecoms, manufacturing and service sectors. We like IT, but do not see it as an end in its own right. We feel that it exists to serve business and increase profitability by

  • Improving efficiency
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving customer experience and therefore increasing sales


Almost always the best solutions contain a blend of IT and business process change to maximize the befits of the above. It can be done in many ways. In the simplest case it might be a clever macro in an Excel spreadsheet that saves many hours of repetitive effort. In a more complex scenario it might be the implementation of an office solution that combines custom code with "Off the shelf" applications. These days we are more frequently asked to assist with mobile applications and web delivered solutions as business become more aware of the flexibility that these technologies offer. We rely heavily on Microsoft products to provide integrated developments that have a consistent look and feel in the user interface. We see this as a key enabler in our goal of providing intuitive applications that are easy to use and therefore cost effective in the long run.

We can provide a complete service that covers all areas of the systems development life cycle. Alternatively we can assist you with the individual components such as IT Architecture, Solution Design, Code Development, Solution Test, Solution Deployment, Systems Support and finally (when the time is right) Decommissioning.



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